Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sadly, I'm not surprised

"It's amusing to listen to a man in his fourth term in the Senate
(after two terms in the House) rail against evil "Washington,"
as if he weren't one of this modern-day Sodom's
most prominent denizens."

-- Eugene Robinson in his WP article "McCain As Messiah"

Almost a week after the three day Republican National Convention its hard to recall hearing about anything other than John McCain's war record, the unfortunate incidence of his internment and as a side note, how the media is unfair to Sarah Palin.

Having several uncles, other family members and friends who've served in WWII, the Korean War and Viet Nam, I have the utmost respect for John McCain's courage during his imprisonment and torture. Up until the past few years, I also viewed Senator McCain as a bit of a maverick within the GOP. And, while not always agreeing with him, I once felt the same measure of respect for McCain as I do for Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter and former Rhode Island Senator, Lincoln Chaffee.

However, after the RNC and the McCain campaign's recent ads distorting Senator Barack Obama's comment about "lipstick on a pig" and his voting record on teaching sex education in kindergarten, any respect that I held for the Senator from Arizona is all but gone.

Unfortunately, none of this is terribly surprising.

It's the Hollywood theory of movie making. If the first movie was a success, make a sequel and a sequel and a sequel and a sequel ......

Remember Karl Rove had the far right Christian Evangelicals promoting George Bush as "the Christian Candidate", the candidate who would make sure that you can keep your guns and who would keep you safe from another 9/11/ I guess that if it worked for Bush, McCain thinks that it will work for him.

I was really hoping that John McCain. who himself had been targeted by the neocon smear machine, would not not stoop to this level of pig poo but I can't honestly say that I'm surprised.

After all who wants to talk about the government bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac or the fact the senior Pentagon officials are stating that we are "running out of time"in Afghanistan.

And speaking of movies, as many of my fellow bloggers have pointed out, Sarah Palin is starting to remind me of The Stepford Wives? Has she uttered one sentence that hasn't been from her RNC acceptance speech.

Oh well,
maybe all of the methane will help solve the energy crisis if it doesn't spontaneously combust.

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