Monday, September 22, 2008

A Sunday Evening Email

What is it about an election campaign that brings out the deep seeded ugliness in the American psyche?

As I was preparing to write a review of the 60 Minutes interview with John McCain and Barack Obama I paused to read a few email messages. And after reading the following email, it became quite clear in my mind that there are still many, many people in this nation who are not now, and possibly never will be, able to view a political campaign based on the issues.

After receiving the email below I decided to share my reply not only with the sender but all of you because I want everyone to know exactly where I stand on this type of rhetoric.


Before you read my reply you may want to view the video it references. But a word of caution. *The BS that you are about to see may cause your blood pressure to rise* And that is being kind.

First, here is the email that I received:
JS wrote:

> In search engines I could not find this article to be a false one.
> Do let me know if you do..
> Subject: Obama's Mama
> Wonder what the Rev. really thinks?
> (This just received....about a
> black preacher hitting the Democrats for their attack ads on
> Saraha Palin's daughter, Bristol. He really rakes them over the
> let's do church !!!!)
> OK, here's the just
> gotta click on the link below and you're gonna laugh your head
> off. That's one black man that sure tells it like it is about
> Obama and his mama as he defends Palins daughter, Bristol. Really, you don't want to delete this without first listening all
> the way to the end.
> If fact, this is one email I'll bet
> you can't resist passing ion to ALL of your email buddies. Wanna
> bet?? Go ahead, click the link below for a real good laugh.

Now here's my reply:
Dear JS,

I am sitting here asking myself why anyone whom I consider a friend, internet buddy or even casual acquaintance would think that I would find anything funny about this video.

As an American, I am wondering when we will have had enough of this.

As a Democrat, I am going to expose this for what it is -- just one more tool being used to use race as a wedge issue in a political campaign and to distract people from the real issues.

And as a Christian, a woman, an African American and an intelligent individual, I do not find this humorous on any level and I am only passing it along so I can address this brand of hateful ignorance.

First, will someone, ANYONE, give me *ONE* example of an attack ad directed against Bristol Palin that has been sponsored by the Obama/Biden campaign or a member of the Democratic National Committee. Name one. And if you can come up with an example, I invite you to post your findings publicly (as a comment) on my blog, Pam's Coffee Conversation.

Second, I am not sure of how many African Americans you know personally, but any Pastor whom I respect would not refer to either Barack Obama's mother, Bristol Palin or The Virgin Mary, for that matter, as "trash".

In fact, anyone who claims to be a follower of Jesus Christ and thinks that ANYONE is "trash" better spend A LOT more time reading their bible. Obviously, they've missed something.

I do not sit under leadership that preaches against White, Black, Asian, or Latino people. A fact which I addressed in a blog post when the "Rev. Jeremiah Wright" sermon was headline news.

As I stated then:

For me, personally, as an African American and as a Christian, I do not feel comfortable with preaching from a minister, of any race, who uses the pulpit to preach anything other than the gospel of grace, love, faith and reconciliation with God (/and your fellow man/).

Third, let me say this as clearly as I know how, *James David Manning is behaving like an ignorant buffoon*. He does not represent "*black style*", whatever you think that is supposed to be, or the Christ whom he is claiming to serve. I do not know him, nor am I familiar with any of his other messages, but if this rant is an example of his teaching he is a pitiful human being.

This video serves no one except Mr. Manning's ego because you can be sure that he knows that it will be widely circulated. It also serves the bigots who believe, and want you to believe, that all African American ministers are hatemongers. And hence, Barack Obama as an African American can not be trusted.

Fourth, there is a place for political humor and satire but personal attacks on anyone's mother, child, spouse, etc is crossing way over the line.

And finally, if you were not deeply disturbed by this video then you and I do not share the same core values.
As I sit here posting this to my blog a thought comes to mind that brings me to tears. It is highly likely that the person who sent that email to me attended Sunday morning church service just hours before clicking the forward button. I originally titled this post "The Ugly American Voter Exposed" but the irony of receiving this email on a Sunday is crying out.

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