Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Beware, Your Elderly Parent May Be Placing You At Risk for Identity Theft

We've all heard about the numerous scams that target the elderly. But did you ever think that your elderly parent could also be placing your personal security at risk?

What do most parents like to talk about the most?. Their children, of course. After all, they've known you all of your life. They also know virtually everything about you from the name of your favorite childhood teacher and first pet up to the most intimate details of your current life. Sadly because your parents love you and have intimate knowledge about your life, they can also become your worst nightmare when it comes to guarding your privacy.


Because if your parent suffers from any form of dementia or senility, or just plain likes to talk, they can quite innocently divulge all of this information about you to their caregivers, telephone solicitors, other family members or even perfect strangers. And before you know it someone, who may not have the best of intentions, knows everything from your internet passwords to your home alarm system code.

So I know that you've all heard this before but please, when choosing any password or security code make it as complex as possible.

Life can be challenging enough as a caregiver without worrying about identity theft.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Robert Gibbs Clarifies "Professional Left" Criticism, Calls Initial Comments Inartful

No one "in power" likes it when their critics attempt to speak truth to power. Or as Anderson Cooper would say "try to keep them honest". Did Mr. Gibbs really believe that the members of the "professional left" as he has labeled his critics, were just going to quietly go away and forsake their beliefs once the current administration took office.

No one, especially not I, is going to deny that the Obama administration has made monumental accomplishments in a very short time. Yet it seems that they have forgotten that one of the principle reasons that Pres. Obama won the Democratic nomination was that "he voted against the Iraq war" when the other leading Democratic candidates did not. He was also elected because the American people wanted a change in the way politics in Washington was being conducted.

Voters will get over not getting everything that they wanted. But insulting the people that worked so very hard to get you elected as Mr Gibbs and Emanuel have done, is a sure way to become a one-term administration.
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