Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Like Watching A Pitbull Trying to Survive in the Wild

Unless you have no media access or you're dead you've now heard something about Sarah Palin's interview with Katie Couric. Well, let me say right now that it's time to stop this form of inhumane torture of both the American people and Sarah Palin.

Despite the fact that she brought this criticism on herself by her "the media is picking on me", "hockey moms and pit bulls", and condescending "community organizer"
comments I just can't stand to keep watching this pitbull puppy being torn apart by the wolf pack.

Watching Sarah Palin over the past week has been like watching an episode of "Wild Kingdom". I always close my eyes when the lions close in on the wildebeast or the wolves close in on the baby moose.

Yes, the wolves have an axe to grind (the moose too) with Sarah Palin. And yes, the wolves have every right to line her up in their sights and take any shot they can. But do we all have to watch this.

Where's PETA?

A pit bull may be one fierce animal in its own backyard but out in the wild against a wolf pack it just isn't prepared.

Forget freeing Sarah Palin. Will someone please place her back in her own yard.


This is just too cruel for everyone concerned.

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