Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Wheels On the Bus Go Round and Round

The government shutdown has been averted for at least another week and all sides are taking credit for the largest annual budget cut in history. Yet and still factions of The Tea Party are stating that they are ready to primary Speaker John Boehner.

Where does this leave the country? The GOP/Tea Party will come back with more demands next week, a few progressive Democrats will protest and then, there will be another compromise­. As Huffington Post senior political analyst, Howard Fineman stated, President  Obama has been pushed to exactly where he wants to be. He wants to be in the political center.  It is a GOP myth that the President is a liberal and/or a socialist.  Sadly members of both the conservative right and the liberal left have bought into the myth.  However, when 2012 rolls around, Democrats will rally behind the Obama once more. There is no better choice for progressives. 

As Jeffrey Sachs wrote in his post "The People's Budget": "The current budget negotiation­s have been a dialogue among the wealthy. The big debate has focused on which programs for the poor should be axed first. There has been no discussion of raising taxes on the rich, and quite the contrary, the White House and the Republican leadership agreed to further tax cuts last December. Obama has repeatedly expressed regret at slashing community developmen­t, energy support for the poor, and other programs, but he is not fighting the trend, only regretting it."

As Nicholas Kristof posted on Facebook, "A last minute deal to avert a government shutdown has been averted, and I must say that John Boehner proved a tough negotiator who got a lot of what he wanted. But what a wretched, embarrassi­ng way to run a superpower­."

The wheels on the bus go round and round and everyone except the rich get thrown under 

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