Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's Blagojevich Moment

Early today Associated Press reported:

"A prank caller pretending to be billionaire conservative businessman David Koch was able to have a lengthy conversation with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker about his strategy to cripple public employee unions, the governor's office confirmed Wednesday.

On the call, Walker joked about bringing a baseball bat to a meeting with Democratic leaders, said it would "be outstanding" to be flown out to California by Koch for a good time after the battle is over, and said he expected the anti-union movement to spread across the country."

The following audio was posted on the website of the Buffalo Beast, a progressive newspaper based in New York"

And somewhere Rod Blagojevich is saying "C'mon man" and laughing his fanny off.  If this audio isn't indicative of peddling political influence, I don't know what is.

Of course, while this prank may be funny, the situation in Wisconsin is no laughing matter.  Neither is the blatant attempt to demonize public workers and unions.
As the very proud daughter of a retired Pennsylvania school teacher whose commitment to her students was as strong as the postal worker's creed; who had to work a second job to help me through college; and, whose health was ruined when her school system decided that the lead based paint needed to be scraped from the walls of her school while school was still in session, I am offended by the attempts to penalize the people who educate, heal and protect our society.

While Republicans, like Wisconsin State Rep. Scott Suder when interviewed by Andrea Mitchell, will try to dismiss this call as a cheap trick, I submit that the Buffalo Beast simply borrowed a page from James O'Keefe's playbook.  Let's see if Fox News will give this audio clip as much coverage as they did the so-called ACORN video. 

it is clear that the prevailing strategy of Governor Walker and his fellow Republican governors is NOT to address the real issues of job creation, corporate greed, and a depressed housing market but instead do the bidding of their corporate masters and lay the rails for the 2012 Presidential election by any means necessary.    

By the way,  when my mother's health was adversely affected by the painting of her school, she didn't sue.  She simply retired and is living on her social security and her pension.  The pension that governors like NJ's Chris Christie want to cut.

Monday, February 21, 2011

'Sarah Palin's Alaska' To Receive $1.2 Million In Tax Credits

OK, now I understand Tea Party economics.

First you run for governor of Alaska. Then you sign a bill into law which will give generous tax breaks to film and TV production companies that film in your state. Next, resign your position as governor after two years. Then quickly sign a deal for a reality TV show which will be produced in your state and benefit from the bill which you signed into law. The production company then receives a $1.2 million in tax credits which they have the option of selling to other companies for 80 to 90 cents of the dollar.

Now that's much better that encouragin­g women to breast feed in order to improve their health and fight childhood obesity.
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