Monday, August 27, 2007

Was It Fire For Profit?

According to an article for ABC ( Australian Broadcasting Co.) the fires in Greece may have been set for profit

The article reports:

" Seven people have been charged with starting bushfires in Greece that have claimed the lives of more than 60 people and caused a national catastrophe.

They were among 10 people arrested since the fires began raging through southern Greece on Friday, firefighter spokesman Yannis Stamoulis told a press conference.

A further 26 people have been charged with offences linked to a series of fires that have blighted Greece since early July.

Greek authorities fear the blazes have been started deliberately.

The media is speculating that criminal gangs are seeking to use the fires to clear forest and allow development to take place.

The Government has offered a reward of up to one million euros ($AU1.64 million) for information leading to arrests of arsonists.

The four-day inferno has left thousands homeless and 63 people have been killed, with more feared dead, trapped in villages cut off by flames, the fire brigade said"

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