Thursday, August 23, 2007

Selling War -- Part II

In a recent article for the Christian Science Monitor, staff writer Scott Peterson points out that the Bush administration is pressing the case for moving against Iran in the midst of the voices of reason that are urging caution.

Peterson writes: " US charges against Iran's role in Iraq are mounting. But analysts say that a history of unsubstantiated US claims against Iran should serve as a cautionary tale. The lesson to be drawn is not that Iran is guiltless in Iraq, they say, but one of restraint as a familiar drumbeat sounds.

The latest step in the Bush administration's intensifying campaign to depict Iran as a disruptive force in Iraq is a decision to designate Iran's Revolutionary Guard force a "terrorist" group. That label, and a push for more UN sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, and continued charges of training, funding, and supplying anti-US militants in Iraq, experts say, could harm Iraq security talks between US and Iranian diplomats in Baghdad."

And as the following video points out the media machine that sold the Iraq war to the public is gearing up for more shock and awe.

Don't let them get away with it!

Sign the open letter to the major television networks urging them to NOT follow FOX's lead to another war.

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