Monday, August 13, 2007

Mark This Date But Don't Celebrate

By now virtually everyone in the Western World has heard that Karl Rove has resigned. And while so many of us may want to savor this moment, we should not celebrate. The damage has been done and will be long lasting.

Karl Rove has been the "architect" of the most divisive administration that I can remember. His strategy of false allegation, intimidation and subverting the US Constitution may have possibly changed this nation forever. I suspect that in the end history will be a lot more forgiving of the Nixon/Agnew administration than it will be of Rove/Bush/Cheney.

Rove will be remembered for his involvement in stolen elections, smearing war veterans, outing CIA agents, stirring up anti-Gay prejudice, involving Congress in the Terry Schiavo situation (something that should have been a family matter), dividing churches, the Iraq War and so changing the nature of political debate that people like Ann Coulter are somehow considered as acceptable.

So mark this date on your calendars. Remember where you were when you heard the news and what you were doing. Remember this day well because when your children and grandchildren ask you how this man got away with it, you'll need to have an answer.

Goodbye Turd Blossom by Keith Olberman

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