Tuesday, August 7, 2007

So Why Be Concerned?

It seems that whenever anyone speaks out against the Bush administration's executive orders or wiretapping of American citizens, the response from the right is: "If you're not doing anything wrong why are you concerned?"

This is my response to that question. If the same people that decided that Saddam Hussein definitely had WMDs and was an eminent threat to US security are the same people that decide whether you, I or anyone we communicate with overseas is a threat then I think we should be concerned -- very concerned.

Keep in mind our current Attorney General Alberto ( I have lied to Congress ) Gonzales will be the person deciding whose phones and emails they tap.

This all reminds me too much of all that I've read about the days of J Edgar Hoover and Joe McCarthy. And based on the following clip from today's "Cafferty File", I'm not alone in my feelings.

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