Sunday, August 5, 2007

Attempt to Hijack Christianity Failed

If anything good comes from the attempts by both the Christian and Islamic fundamentalists to hijack their religions for political purposes, it will be that their actions will have caused many in the faith community people to re-examine their beliefs.

Despite the best attempts of the radical right, it is becoming increasing clear to many in the Christian community that there is a big difference between spirituality and religious doctrine.

Religious doctrine can be manipulated to justify a political agenda for virtually anything including war, witch hunts, slavery and elections. Yes, I am still upset about that non-sense about voting for the "Christian candidate" versus that "godless liberal" and intend to fight for the rest of my days to see that people never fall for that again. Look where that religious rhetoric has brought us.

In the following video Rev. Welton Gaddy discusses the tactic used by leaders of the religious right which calls on their troops to "defend their religion".

The Real War on Christians

And as people are discovering the flaws in much of the man-made church doctrines they are sharing their revelations with others as seen in the following post to the blog "Justice and Compassion.

Rachel wrote:

" Here are a few things I learned from church that didn’t ring true:

* Social action is for godless liberals.
* It is OK to take young, impressionable children to extremely scary “Christian” movies about “the End Times.”
* Parents should try to “break a child’s will without breaking his spirit.”
* It doesn’t matter how we treat the earth because soon God will destroy it in a flaming fireball anyhow.
* Whatever the state of Israel does is always right. Arabs are bad.
* The book of Revelation is to be interpreted literally; the Sermon on the Mount is not.
* “Immorality” means sins having to do with sex.
* Women should be seen and not heard.
* Rock music is of the Devil.
* Ecumenism is bad. Mainline churches have abandoned the true faith.
* It is OK to gossip as long as you present it as a “prayer request.”
* The “Anti-Christ” will probably be a Roman Catholic pope.

Here are a few things I’ve been learning lately:

* It is possible to have strong religious beliefs AND be respectful and tolerant of those who do not share those beliefs.
* The Bible is not more important than Jesus.
* God gets really angry about economic injustice.
* Following Jesus affects every area of life.
* Christians were pacifists for the first 300 years of the Church.
* It’s possible to believe in evolution and creation at the same time.
* I love liturgy and beauty and mystery and ritual. And that is not a bad thing.
* I can’t pledge my allegiance both to Christ and to the empire.
* Jesus feeds me and gives me strength for my journey through the Eucharist.
* I can see the face of Jesus in the face of my cantankerous Grandma.
* It is possible to be theologically liberal and a faithful Christian.
* Faith and doubt go together.
* God loves justice, mercy and humility. "

Read this entire post at:

Yes it looks like the hijack attempt has failed.

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