Sunday, August 19, 2007

Israel turns away Darfur refugees

" Speaking to CNN, Israeli government spokesman David Baker described
them as 'economic refugees from Africa.' "

Pastors from the religious right in America, like John Hagee of San Antonio, TX,  will Sunday after Sunday tell his congregation that God commands Christians to support Israel.  But will these pastors also tell their congregations that the government of Israel is knowingly turning it's back of Sudanese Christian refugees.  I doubt it. 

The Jesus that I follow would speak out against this. 

Yes, Sudan's Muslim government is "an enemy of Israel".  But as David Baker clearly knows, those being killed in the genocide and those seeking asylum in foreign lands are overwhelmingly black Sudanese Christians. 

As the article states dozens of Israeli lawmakers and members of the Israeli military recognize that these are not "economic  refugees" and that the Israeli government is failing to show the support for a persecuted group that it is always asking of from the world.   Hypocrites, Brood of Vipers!

As always I will pray for the peace of Jerusalem and I will pray for the Israeli people.  But when their government is wrong, I will say so. 


excerpt from:

Israel turns away Darfur refugees

JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Israel on Sunday rejected 50 Africans -- most of them reportedly from Sudan's Darfur region -- who had illegally entered the country from Egypt, a government official said.

The nationalities of the 50 sent back Sunday were not released, but the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, citing figures from the Israeli military, said nearly all of them had escaped the genocide in Darfur.

Speaking to CNN, Israeli government spokesman David Baker described them as "economic refugees from Africa."

Baker told The Associated Press that Darfurians would not be immune from Israel's ban on unauthorized immigrants.

Israeli law denies asylum to anyone from an enemy state, AP reports. Sudan's Muslim government is hostile to Israel and has no diplomatic ties with the Jewish state.

Eytan Schwartz, an advocate for Darfur refugees in Israel, told AP that about 400 have entered Israel in recent years. Baker said they would be allowed to live in Israel, and that the ban applied to new arrivals.

Dozens of Israeli lawmakers recently signed a petition urging the government not to deport Sudanese refugees.

Arab militias supported by Sudan's government have committed numerous human rights atrocities, U.N. officials say, including the slaughter and gang rape of civilians, destruction of water sources, looting and burning of buildings and crops.

Earlier this month, Israel's Channel 10 interviewed Israeli soldiers who said they had witnessed Egyptian security officers executing several Darfur refugees.

According to Channel 10, their testimonies were backed up by Israeli military security cameras that showed Egyptian soldiers shooting and killing several asylum-seekers.

Channel 10 did not air the video.

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