Thursday, August 2, 2007

So just how safe are we over here?

" a bridge in America just shouldn't fall down" -- Sen. Amy Klobuchar

Since September 11, 2001, the Bush administration has tried to convince Americans that our greatest concern should be terrorist attacks. They have promoted the hypothesis that if we fight them over there we will be safe over here. As a result, for many years following 9/11 many Americans who accepted the Bush/Cheney/Rove hypothesis as truth lived in fear and voted in fear. They believed in the illusion of safety.

Of course, any rational person recognizes that there is certainly a radical Islamic fundamentalist element that has declared jihad against the West but I ask myself will more Americans die as the result of mis-directed fear than from attacks by terrorists?

Over there --

The Iraq war cost is rapidly nearly the $500 billion mark and more Americans and their allies have died in Iraq than died on 9/11.

Over here --

A considerable portion of a major US city has been destroyed due to a failed levee system.

Victims of hurricane devastation are being slowly poisoned in toxic trailers.

Americans are at risk from unsafe food and other dangerous imports because there are not enough inspectors.

And now a highly trafficked US interstate bridge has fallen down.

So just how safe are we over here?

Federal, state and local government officials were warned about the dangers of the New Orleans levee system for nearly a decade prior to hurricane Katrina, but they did nothing.

Federal, state and local government officials have been warned about the problems with American infrastructure and have done very little.

As long as the US government stays on its current course of doing little or nothing to protect the safety of Americans "over here", then we have more to fear from them than the terrorists.

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