Friday, April 25, 2008

Support HealthCare You Can Keep

While the video is funny it's message is very serious. It's time for Universal Healthcare in America.

Supported by over a dozen Senators of both parties, Senator Ron Wyden's Healthy Americans Act would guarantee everyone health care that is:

  • Universal. Every American will have guaranteed health care.
  • Comprehensive. A high quality plan - as good as what members of Congress get.
  • Portable. It's your health care, and you can take it with you if you change jobs, are laid off, go to school, start a new business, or become too sick to work.
  • Non-discriminatory. We'll ban "pre-existing conditions" and make sure that everyone pays a fair price for equal, high quality, coverage.
  • Affordable. Under $40,000 income? You'll pay less than you do now. Under $150,000 income? You'll pay about $1 a day more than today for guaranteed coverage.

Once the Healthy Americans Act passes, we will have universal, affordable, comprehensive, portable, high-quality, private health coverage - within one year. There's no reason to wait. The Act even saves money through wellness and prevention - $1.48 trillion in one respected, independent study.

The Healthy Americans Act puts you in charge of your health care choices, not your employer. Every American will feel secure, knowing that your health care won't ever go away. And 46 million Americans will get the comprehensive health care they need.

Learn more about how the Healthy Americans Act would work.

Join the conversation at Stand Tall for America.

Compare Senator Wyden's plan to the 2008 Presidential Candidates:

Hillary Clinton's Universal Healthcare Plan

Barack Obama's Healthcare Plan

John McCain's Healthcare Plan

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