Friday, April 25, 2008

An Urgent Issue for Senior Citizens and Those Who Love Them

If you are a senior citizen or someone who is involved in the everyday care of one you are all too familiar with the fact that even with Medicare ( Parts A & B), supplemental Medicare coverage and Medicare Part D prescription coverage, many seniors still pay a fair amount of their medical costs out of pocket.

Now with the escalating food and oil costs many seniors are being forced to make choices that are not only difficult but, in some cases, risky to their health.

It just shouldn't be this way!

Senior citizens aren't asking government for a free ride, they've already paid their fare.

I just added my name to the petition asking Congress to stop skyrocketing Medicare costs from going even higher, and I’m asking you to consider joining me!

Did you know that:

*Monthly premiums for Medicare beneficiaries have more than doubled since 2000;

*People on Medicare pay almost a quarter of their own yearly health costs -- not including long-term care out of their own pockets, including: coinsurance for doctor visits, hospital stays, and skilled nursing facility care; premiums and coinsurance for prescription drugs; and deductibles for basic health insurance and hospital stays the hospital deductible alone is over $1,000.

* People on Medicare have to pay all of the costs for services Medicare doesn’t cover like eye care, hearing services, dental services, and nursing home care.

* In addition, people whose health is dependent on maintenance medicines find that the initial coverage period of the Medicare Part D Prescription plan only covers 6-7 months of the prescription needs. For the remainder of the year many seniors have to pay full price for their prescriptions out of pocket -- which can add anywhere from $500 to $1,000 a month before the catastrophic coverage kicks in.

Last December, when more than 100,000 people got involved in AARP’s campaign to strengthen Medicare, the Senate only passed a temporary fix, set to expire in June.

Today, as Congress is deciding what to do once the temporary fix expires, we want to collect 200,000 signatures on our petition to Keep Medicare Fair.

Click the link below to sign our petition and help me meet our 200,000 signature goal.

Your support has never been more important. If Congress does not do the right thing, older Americans will be forced to pay even higher premiums on top of their already skyrocketing out-of-pocket health care costs.

Time is running out, and we cannot let our Members of Congress stand by while Medicare premiums continue to rise. Let them know that you want to keep premiums fair.

Use the link below to help double the impact and sign the petition today!

With your help, Members of Congress will hear from US - and not just the special interests and their lobbyists.

Please add your voice of support to this important cause.

Thank you

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