Wednesday, April 16, 2008

21 IS Too Many

If you watched tonight's Democratic Presidential Candidate Debate from Philadelphia I hope that you enjoyed the beautiful cutaway shots of Constitution Hall because that was a good as it got. In fact, unless you're a diehard political junkie you probably tuned out after the first 45 minutes.

I'm sure that much will be written and discussed about the debate but trust me, you didn't miss a thing. There was only glancing discussion of the substantive issues like the Iraq war, the housing crisis, global warming, healthcare, the Lake Mead water crisis, illegal immigration and, falling bridges and crumbling interstates ( like the section that shutdown a stretch of I-95 in Philadelphia for a day).

What was discussed was "the bitter comment", "patriotism", Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and an absolutely insane question about links to a 1960s (70s) domestic terrorist group.

Each candidate agreed that the other could win in November. They both pledged not to raise taxes on individuals earning less than $200,000 a year. They both stated that they generally agree in the constitutional right of Americans to bear arms but neither directly answered a question posed of the District of Columbia's weapons ban.

However, all in all the most news worthy fact from tonight's debate was that the audience was well behaved.

What did you expect batteries being thrown from the cheap seats? LOL

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