Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Primary 2008 Will Be Remembered for Foot-in-Mouth Disease

Ok, I was desperately trying NOT to write one more word about Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

However after seeing this clip on The Huffington Post I have to ask -- just how many people are going to make complete jackasses of themselves before this campaign is over?

No you weren't hearing things. Republican strategist Kellyanne
Conway called Hillary Clinton "the chief white woman in this country".

Kellyanne Conway -- another graduate of the Coulter/Malkin graduate school for neocons. Does anyone really say something that stupid by accident?

Now that was a quote worthy of the late Gov. George Wallace ( the early years).

Between Reverend Jeremiah Wright and all of the pundits who are stumbling over themselves trying to discuss his comments, race relations in America may be set back 40 years.

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