Friday, April 25, 2008

A Blog Buffet

Every once in awhile I am asked why I maintain three blogs. After all, can't I say everything in one?

Yes, of course I good but I think that it would be way too confusing and possibly a little annoying for my readers.

Here's why:

Pam's Coffee Conversation is my personal commentary on politics, society and anything else that happens to come to mind that day. I make no pretenses here about being unbiased.

In Get the Facts & Get Involved I try to provide news and information of international interest in as unbiased a manner as possible. However, since I also post petitions, calls for action and other citizen advocacy resources I again do not pretend to be completely unbiased. Here are a few recent posts:

In Pause For Thought I share my thoughts on how my faith relates to today's social, political and economic issues. Here are a few recent posts:

So rather than load your plate with entrees that may not suit your palate, I'm taking the buffet approach to blogging. I hope that you'll visit and enjoy each of my blogs but I realize not everything suits everyone's taste.

Which ever blog you read, thanks for your support.


  1. Tracy,

    Thank you for your courage and sharing your story.

    This is a story that we cannot let be buried. I can only imagine how many cases of abuse against women in Iraq have gone unreported.

    Please join us on Political Voices of Women so we can help you get your message as well as those of your friends.

  2. This woman is remarkable. After all she has been subjected to she still has the strength to go and fight for her dignity, and start a fund for other victims of the increasingly abusive cultural attitude towards women. While I think its good to attempt to bring justice to women by suing the criminals,

  3. pamela lyn
    also look up silencing tracy barker
    to see what has happened to Tracy since returning home


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