Tuesday, April 1, 2008

British Media Covers Ex-French Model Instead of the Deportation of Iraqi Refugees

Oh come on now, you didn't really think I was going there, did you? And please don't tell me you're surprised by the headline.

At this point does anyone really expect much more from the western, main-stream, corporately owned, infotainment media. After all, with all of the nude photos of the new French First Lady Carla Bruni floating around how could they resist. This was the woman that was once linked with British Royal Prince Harry.

However, I do have to admit that I was a little amazed to hear the US media comparing Carla Bruni to Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy. That was enough to make you reach for a stomach distress bag.

So in an effort to bring a little attention to the plight of the 60 Iraqi Kurds which Britain recently deported I guess that I have to post nude photos of Carla Bruni.

Have I mentioned Carla Bruni enough?

Andy Worthington reports on the forced deportation of 60 Iraqi Kurds from the UK last Thursday, which has not been reported in any major media outlets at all.

Blinded by the apparent allure of a tall, thin woman from France, Britain's press completely ignored the forcible deportation, on Thursday, of 60 Iraqi Kurds, who were transported back to a decidedly uncertain future on a German plane from a UK airport. Each of the 60 "failed asylum seekers," as they are officially known, was escorted by an armed Home Office guard funded by the UK taxpayer. The guards had previously seized the men from the detention centers at Campsfield and Colnbrook in what looked uncomfortably like a "dawn raid."

According to the International Federation of Iraq Refugees (IFIR), which immediately issued a press release that, unfortunately, did not include the words "Carla Bruni" in its title, the plane arrived at Arbil airport in Iraqi Kurdistan at 3 am on Friday morning (see: http://www.csdiraq.com/archives/press%20release%2028%20March%202008.pdf). Confused, tired and unsure of where they were, the men refused to leave the plane. The Home Office guards then called for assistance from guards of the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG), who were waiting at the airport. 25 of these men boarded the plane, and "pushed and threatened the asylum seekers off the plane onto two waiting coaches."

The ITIR press release continued, "At thle airport the asylum seekers noticed three jeeps observing them, which they thought contained UNHCR personnel [from the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees], but they were not allowed to talk to the people in the jeeps." They were then transported to Ain Kawa Bridge, in a village near Arbil, where they were abandoned, even though many of them were injured and all of them had lost their luggage, including their all-important mobile phones. An eye-witness reported that the KRG guards "knew nothing about human rights." "If I had seen it in a film," he said, "I would not have believed it."

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