Tuesday, September 25, 2007

They're Doing It Again -- The Build Up

Talking Points Memo | War with Iran for Fun and Profit

Did you hear about the War on Iran Authorization bill the Senate is going to vote on perhaps as early as today? No, that's not how it's getting billed. But that's what the 'Kyl-Lieberman' amendment is. In fact, the supporters of going to war against Iran are using exactly same strategy with this amendment that they did to lay the ground work for the Iraq War.

We give you the rundown in today's episode of TPMtv ...

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Think Progress » Webb: Lieberman And Kyl's Hawkish Iran Amendment Is 'Cheney's Fondest Pipe Dream'

On the Senate floor today, Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) made an impassioned appeal to his fellow senators, declaring that the Lieberman-Kyl amendment on Iran should be "withdrawn" because the "proposal is Dick Cheney's fondest pipe dream." Webb cautioned that the "cleverly-worded sense of the Congress" could be "interpreted" to "declare war" on Iran. He continued:

Those who regret their vote five years ago to authorize military action in Iraq should think hard before supporting this approach. Because, in my view, it has the same potential to do harm where many are seeking to do good.

"At best, it's a deliberate attempt to divert attention from a failed diplomatic policy," said Webb. "At worst, it could be read as a backdoor method of gaining Congressional validation for military action, without one hearing and without serious debate."

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This time you can't say that the media tricked you or the government misled you. 

This is more important than ever. The Lieberman-Kyl amendment would undermine efforts for diplomacy and essentially give the green light for a military attack on Iran. A vote may come as soon as this

Several organisations have set up portals for you to take action. I recommend using them all. We cannot be too vocal on opposing even more death, displacement, and instability.

Just Foreign Policy

The People's Email Network (PEN)


Also, please CALL your senators to voice your opposition against this
dangerous amendment. The number for the Capitol switchboard is

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