Thursday, September 27, 2007

No Analysis Required!

After reviewing my notes from last night's MSNBC Democratic Presidential Candidate debate and reviewing the wealth of video available I decided that no analysis is required.

Virtually everyone was just about as candid as it gets for a politician.


No kidding!

But, I did say virtually. You can decide who was ducking and dodging.

After all, if you've read this blog for any length of time you know that I am a John Edwards supporter. I believe that he is sincere and I believe in his vision for one America.

I've also made no secret that I deeply respect Joe Biden's political knowledge and candor. Whether you like his views or not, Joe is going to shoot straight. Even when I disagree with his views I have to respect them.

I support the creation of a Department of Peace and therefore deeply admire Dennis Kucinich.

I would be thrilled to see the US make history by electing a woman. And Hillary is a fellow baby boomer and a Scorpio too!

I would also be thrilled to see the US make history by electing an African-American or a Latino to the highest office in the land. I will never stop believing in Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream for this nation.

I've given Chris Dodd more that one kudo over the past year.

And Mike Gravel ... Mike Gravel reminds me of that family member that comes to holiday dinner and you're never quite sure what they'll say at the dinner table. Sometimes it's wisdom and sometimes it's something that makes you choke on your turkey or spit out your water.

So, for me, in November 2008 it will come down to where each of these candidates stands on the issues that I think are important to me and in the best of this country.

I have my list and you have yours.

In the end, the political pundits may give us food for thought but they can't tell us what matters most in our individual lives. It's time for all Americans to think for ourselves.

Luckily Josh Micah Marshall of TMPtv put together a great "the best of" video of last night's debate.

And since I thought Josh missed a few of my favorite moments, here's a video reel of straight shooting Joe.

Joe, I agree with you. There are many Pharisees.

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