Monday, September 17, 2007

Is Anyone Really Ready For The Truth?

It seems that virtually everyone who had some advance knowledge of the Bush/ Cheney plans for the invasion of Iraq is either now seeking absolution of their sins or trying to make a buck from a book. ( you can decide which ). Now you can add to that list, former Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan.

As the article "Greenspan Spills The Beans" by Ray McGovern points out, in his book "The Age of Turbulence" Alan Greenspan writes :
"I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil."

Saddened? Saddened now but certainly not saddened enough to speak up before thousand of lives have been lost.

I view all of these "after the fact" revelations about the war as the equivalent of OJ Simpson's book, "I Did It". Whether these are confessions, pleas for the forgiveness of the American people or an attempt to have history remember them in a kinder light -- it is simply too damn late. Anyone who admits to foreknowledge of the fraud that the Bush/Cheney collective was preparing to commit against the US and the World but did not speak out is complicit with their crimes.

But just why are they all speaking out now? Are they just cashing in or simply preparing to meet their makers? Possibly. But I certainly don't believe that Alan Greenspan needs the publishing royalties. Do You?

I suspect that they are all pointing the finger at Bush & Cheney now to avoid a thorough investigation into the facts. Instead of confessions, these are veiled attempts at appeasing the public's need for answers and accountability. But is public ready for the truth, or better yet, the aftermath of the truth?

An in-depth investigation into the events that lead up to the US involvement in Iraq will surely expose key players in not only government but the banking, oil and other corporate entities -- the very foundation of the US economy. So now that the architects of this war have accomplished their goal by destabilizing Iraq and have personally made more than enough money to last their progeny for ten generations, they are more than willing to throw a few people on the sword. In fact, I bet that many of them are willing to fall on the sword themselves in order to avoid a public investigation aka IMPEACHMENT.

What are the Democrats really afraid of? Why did Nancy Pelosi say so quickly that impeachment was off the table? These are just a few of the questions that Americans need answered. But is America ready for the truth or will it be satisfied with a few bloodlettings.

Could it be that by impeaching Bush/Cheney we will expose the underbelly of the American company? Would impeachment hearings expose the oil companies, the Ray L. Hunts, the Haliburtons, Wall Street, K Street, the World Bank, the automotive industry, the Saudis, the Brits, and finally you and I.

Yes, we too are complicit in this crime. Did we ever really believe that this was about more than the oil? If so, why did so many of us remain silent for so long.

Do we really want the truth?

If oil prices go up, do we want the truth?
If the stock market falls, do we want the truth?
If your 401k or pension plan fail, do you still want the truth?
If banks fail, do you want the truth?
If a recession hits, do you want the truth?

In his article Ray McGovern gives his answer to this question.

" There are so many, still, who "can't handle the truth," and that is all too understandable. I have found it a wrenching experience to be forced to conclude that the America I love would deliberately launch what the Nuremburg Tribunal called the "supreme international crime"-a war of aggression-largely for oil.

Could it be that most of us Americans remain "good Germans" because we are unwilling to recognize the moral implications of starting what is likely to be the first of the resource wars of the 21st century; because we continue to be comfortable hogging far more than our share of the world's natural resources; and because we prefer to look the other way when our leaders tell us that aggressive war is necessary to protect that siren-call, "our way of life," from attack by those who are just plain "jealous"?

Perhaps a clue can be found in the remarkable reaction I received after a lecture I gave two-and-a-half years ago in a very affluent suburb of Milwaukee. I had devoted much of my talk to the implications of what I consider the most important factoid of this century: the world is running out of oil.

Afterwards some 20 folks lingered in a small circle to ask follow-up questions. A persistent, elegantly dressed man, who just would not let go, dominated the questioning:

"Surely you agree that we need the oil. Then what's your problem? Some 1,450 killed thus far are far fewer than the toll in Vietnam where we lost 58,000; it's a small price to pay... a sustainable rate to bear. What IS your problem?"

I asked the man if he would feel differently if one of the (then) 1,450 already killed were his own son. Judging from his abrupt, incredulous reaction, the suggestion struck him as so farfetched as to be beyond his ken. "It wouldn't be my son," he said.

And that, I believe, is a HUGE part of the problem."

So the question remains, will the American people hold Bush/Cheny et al accountable ?

Can YOU handle the truth?

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I leave you with this food for thought:

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