Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Support Pennsylvania Governor Rendell's Energy Initiatives

excerpt from WPSU: Energy session begins in Harrisburg (2007-09-18)

Energy session begins in Harrisburg

by Steve Biddle

WPSU-PRCN (2007-09-18) Back in July, a budget impasse shut down Pennsylvania's government for a day, and 24,000 state workers were furloughed. To break the impasse, Governor Rendell signed the budget without implemention of his energy plan, and Republican legislators agreed to a take up that agenda -- now -- in the fall. The governor's energy initiatives are ambitious: he says he wants the commonweatlh to become the 'Silicon Valley' of alternative energy. And now, according to Muhlenberg College Political Analyst Chris Borick, is the time for Rendell to fight for his plans. "There's no doubt that the clock is ticking on his initiatives," he said, "I mean, he has a window here and I think that window will last through this session and into next year, but as we pass the midterms in 2008, attention on the next gubernatorial race will really take off." But even though the special session has gained a lot of attention, Borick says such a forum does not guarantee any new legislation. "What it does is put a little bit of political pressure on the sides because it keeps the topic more in the public spotlight. But I don't see anything from my perspective to indicate that by moving it to a special session you're going to get any increased activity you wouldn't see in a regular session," he told Public Radio Capitol News.
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Let Governor Rendell Know How Important It is That He Win This Battle

Contact the Governor

Governor's MansionTo e-mail the Governor click here.

To write a letter to the Governor send to:
Governor Edward G. Rendell's Office
225 Main Capitol Building
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120

To telephone the Governor call:
(717) 787-2500.

To contact one of the Governor's Regional Offices, click here.

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