Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Veteran's View of the Petraeus/Crocker Testimonies in Perspective

Paul Reickhoff, Executive Director of Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America discussed the Petraeus /Crocker testimony, troop levels and morale, and more with Keith Olbermann

As mentioned President Bush will be addressing the American public Thursday on the subject of "the surge". Blogger Charles Amico is suggesting that we boycott President Bush's Thursday night speech. In a post to his blog We The People, Charles states:

"A message needs to be sent to President Bush loud and clear. That message: We're not listening to you anymore! Boycott his Prime-Time speech to the Nation on Thursday night and punish the major Networks for carrying it, rather than the testimony before Congress and the Senate they chose to ignore. "

This would work IF the Bush Administration and "the Networks" still cared what the American people think. But it is something we can try. We can all get a full transcript of the speech later.

For my thoughts on the deaths of Staff Sgt. Yance Gray and Sgt. Omar Mora see my post:
Honor Them!

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