Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Apparently New Hampshire Voters Are Listening

... and they've knocked the pundits off their seats.

New Hampshire voters have given Hillary Clinton a win and the media, pollsters and pundits are pulling themselves up off the floor trying to explain it. Never has the media relayed so much misinformation to the America people since, well.... since the intelligence on WMDs.

The greatest words of wisdom last evening were spoken by veteran journalist Tom Brokaw during MSNBC's election coverage when he stated that maybe it's time for the media to stop trying to predict election results and just wait until the American people have actually voted.

Journalists reporting the news not trying to influence it.. WOW!

Chris Matthews appeared stunned by this concept and jokingly asked what commentators like he and Keith Olbermann ( who has been compared to Edward R Murrow ) were supposed to do during the days leading up to an election. Oh how I wish I had the powers of telepathy and could have read Tom Brokaw's thoughts at that moment.

It must be my Scorpion nature but it was truly a guilty pleasure watching Chris Matthews' angst as he tried to cover Tuesday's voting results. His pained expressions as he kept waiting for those returns to come in from Hanover or Dartmouth kept me glued to MSNBC.
I kept waiting for little black feathers to float out of Matthews' mouth.

Even when Rachel Maddow pointed out that readers of Josh Marshall's "Talking Points Memo" were citing Chris Matthews' obvious axe to grind with the Clintons as a possible reason for the overwhelming support of New Hampshire women for Hillary, Matthews just shrugged it off as irrelevant. Well not even the normally eloquent Keith Olbermann can dismiss a comment like this from TPM Reader JS:

" I almost wonder if more Dems didn't vote for Hillary to counter the BS media narrative about rejecting the Clintons once and for all. I say this as someone who has given 1500 bucks to Obama, gone to several of his events out here in CA, met him, and plan to vote for him. Part of me, however, was so pissed about this media narrative about Hillary and the Clintons in general that I had in the back of my mind that I would consider voting for her just to piss the media off. That's not going to happen now as it appears we have a real race, but still . . . do you see what I am saying? I mean this whole weekend we see people like Andrea Mitchell and Chris Matthews salivating over how the Democrats "rejected the Clintons" and want to puke. I am for Obama not because I am against Clinton (either one), but because I am for Obama. That's it. I think he is the best of the big 3 dem candidates. Would I be happy to vote for Hillary or Edwards in the general? Hell yeah. Did I think Bill Clinton was a great President? Yes. And I think Hillary would probably be pretty good too. This whole media narrative sickened me."
JS I could not agree with you more.

I am a supporter of John Edwards because I believe in what he stands for and his ability to make a difference and I have felt this way since 2004. My support for Edwards is not an anti-Hillary, anti-Obama, or anti-anyone statement. I support John Edwards because I agree with his positions of health care, education, ending America's dependence on foreign oil. John Edwards spoke of the socio-ethnic divide in American society before Katrina and Jena. He spoke of two Americas not to start a class war, as some media pundits want to claim, but to show that there is a way to bridge the chasm which separates millions of Americans from the American Dream.

I'm going to stick with John Edwards as long as he is in this race but I have to admit last night I was never more proud of anyone than Hillary Clinton. As a woman and as a person born at the tail end of the baby boomer generation, I shed a tear when she stated that she had finally found her voice. This time I really believe that she has.

Hopefully, going forward, former President Bill Clinton will step back and let Hillary's voice be heard. The voters of New Hampshire did not hold his recent attacks on Obama against Hillary but they certainly were not overlooked. An outraged and supportive spouse can be forgiven. A mean spirited ex-President is another matter entirely.

  • Have some members of the media been hard on Hillary? Sure they have
  • Have some members of the media been afraid that by challenging Obama some hidden facet of their characters may be revealed? Possibly.
  • Is Hillary saddled with some of the old Clinton baggage, You bet.
  • Will being a truly supportive husband who stands back and let's his wife succeed or fail on her own merits be harder than being President of the United States? My guess is YES!

And as for Barack Obama. He speaks for himself.

Something is happening in America and people like, Obama, Edwards, and Clinton are all a part of that something.

Something is happening in America and it's BIG.

It's something SO big that the volunteers and bloggers will have just as much impact as the Oprah's, the movie stars and the political party machines.

It's something SO big that people like Kucinich, Richardson, Biden, Dodd and Paul will still have a voice in it because the America people still want to hear what they have to say.

This something is SO big that the media, the pollsters and the political pundits can't understand it. It's SO big that the corporate sponsors and "K" Street lobbyists are starting to pay attention.

It's SO big that the American people MAY be ready to take their government back,

Americans are tired of being defined, divided and manipulated by what they are against. Americans are ready to be united by what they stand for and believe in.

Something is happening in America and it's BIG. In fact, it just might be revolutionary.

I guess it took a second "King George" to remind America of who she really is and who she can be.

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