Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Song For Our TImes

Song parody "bennie and the Feds" by Jazz Artist Rick DellaRatta

and straight from today's headlines:

Dow sinks 300, economic woes maim stocks

" Stocks skidded lower Thursday after a regional Federal Reserve report showed a sharp decline in manufacturing activity and as investors grew concerned that downgrades of key bond insurers could trigger further trouble with souring debt."


It certainly didn't take a Federal Reserve report for most Americans to know that America doesn't manufacture anything anymore, Just ask any parent who is trying to find a toy for their child that wasn't made in China.

The problems in the US economy ( in specific) and the global market ( in general ) did not happen over night and will not be resolved quickly. No stimulus package is going to immediately turn around a run-way train that has jumped the tracks and has been moving full speed in the wrong direction for years.

If any elected official, campaign candidate, or other politician promises to turn around the American economy in a year and promises to do so painlessly, they are simply lying.

It's time for elected officials to tell Americans the whole truth so we can ALL tighten our belts, roll up our sleeves and make the sacrifices necessary to turn this nation around.

Some Americans have already taken the first critical step to our recovery by listening, questioning, getting the facts (not the rhetoric) and getting involved in the American political process.

Over the past few years, I have watched economic events unfold and listened to the politicians. In many of the posts listed below I've included video clips from current presidential candidates who've offered their thoughts on the economy, the housing market, and the impact on the middle class. Many of the candidates of ideas, hope and plans for change.

However, in my mind only one candidate has seen the big picture all along and has courageously championed a cause that, quite honestly, many Americans could have cared less about. One candidate has always known that what happens to the least fortunate in our society impacts what happens to all of us.

That is why I support John Edwards for President.

But don't just take my word for it. Find out what all of the candidates for president in 2008 have been saying for the last four years about the economy.

Pamela Lyn

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