Saturday, December 29, 2007

Quote of The Week

Bill Moyers Journal: Does Consumerism Degrade Democracy?

(Photo by Robin Holland)

Conversing with Bill Moyers on BILL MOYERS' JOURNAL, Benjamin Barber commented:

"Democracy means pluralism. If everything's religion, we rightly distrust it. If everything's politics, even in good politics, we rightly distrust it. But when everything's marketing and everything's retail and everything's shopping, we somehow think that enhances our freedom. Well, it doesn't. It has the same corrupting effect on the fundamental diversity and variety that are our lives, that make us human, that make us happy. And, in that sense, focusing on shopping and the fulfillment of private consumer desires actually undermines our happiness."

There has never been a more timely statement for this season and these times.  plk

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