Saturday, December 15, 2007

Program Note: "Thirteen Days" Now Airing on TNT

I was sitting here catching up on a week's worth of mail and flipping the channels when low and behold what do I see. TNT is airing the docu-drama "Thirteen Days" the story of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Somebody please call Dana Perino who has obviously never seen this. Maybe she can rent a copy.

Now that I think of if could it be possible that no one in the Bush/Cheney Administration remembers the cuban missile crisis? If they did they've probably forgotten that great scene where Adlai Stevenson presents proof to the United Nations that missiles were on the ground in Cuba. Documented PROOF!

By the way, if you saw the rest of Rick Sanchez's broadcast you'll recall that most of the people on the street that they interviewed did know something about the cuban missile crisis.

Parents Do Not Let Your Children Grow Up To Be White House Press Secretaries

12/14 14:40 minor correction made to the title. That's what I get for blogging at 2am

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