Saturday, December 8, 2007

Make Your Voice Heard On The Farm Bill

The Senate claims the Farm Bill is good for everyone. The truth is that it hurts poor farmers here and abroad by giving unfair subsidies to millionaire farmers, not those who need subsidies the most!

Like the House version that passed earlier this year, the Senate bill being considered would:

* favor a relatively small number of producers at the expense of most farmers and rural communities;

* fall short of meeting its obligations to families that depend on food stamps; and

* fail at conservation programs that protect rivers and streams.

To make things worse, the Farm Bill would actually hurt poor farmers in developing countries - if we don't take action to fix it. This is our last chance to enact real reform, but the Senate won't listen unless thousands of people take action. Poor farmers are counting on you! Insist that the Farm Bill that comes to a vote in the Senate reduce trade-distorting subsidies and use the savings to support programs for nutrition, conservation, and rural development!

Take Action

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