Friday, December 21, 2007

Career News That Should Bother You

A few years ago many of us were accused of paranoia and over-reacting when we spoke against the long-term impact of corporate outsourcing and the abuse of the HB1 visa law.  I wonder what our accusers will have to say about the following article.

excerpt from:

Best Careers for a Changing Job Landscape - US News and World Report

Even college grads might want to consider blue-collar careers. Last year, because U.S. News readers tend to be college educated, we included only careers that typically require at least a bachelor's degree. This year we've added four careers that don't. Why? More and more students are graduating from college at the same time that employers are offshoring more professional jobs. So, many holders of a bachelor's degree are having trouble finding jobs that require college-graduate skills. Meanwhile, society has been telling high school students that college is the way, so there's an accelerating shortage of skilled people in jobs that don't require college. (Why else do you think you have to pay $100 an hour for a plumber?)

The four noncollege careers we added would be rewarding even to many college graduates, especially because college grads are likely to stand out against the competition. Those added careers are: biomedical equipment technician, firefighter, hairstylist/cosmetologist, and locksmith/security system technician. Other skilled blue-collar careers that scored well on our selection criteria : machinist (manufacturers report a shortage), nuclear plant technician (few people are entering the field, yet plans are on the books for building more plants), and electrician/electronics tech (above-average pay, and it's easier on the body than many other blue-collar careers). The takeaway: Many college graduates should consider skilled-trade careers.

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When US News & World Report is advising high school graduates to consider cosmetology school instead of college what does that say about our society and our economy.  Has the news & entertainment media and the US school systems done such an effective job at dumbing down our society that we are ready to tell of young people that they just can't compete with the rest of the world in math, science and technology?   

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