Saturday, December 15, 2007

Justice Delayed Again

Did anyone truly believe that suddenly the Justice Department would start seeking justice just because Alberto Gonzales resigned?.

excerpt from:

Delay Is Sought by Justice Dept. on C.I.A. Inquiry
by David Johnston and Mark Mazzetti

Published: December 15, 2007

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department asked the House Intelligence Committee on Friday to postpone its investigation into the destruction of videotapes by the Central Intelligence Agency in 2005, saying the Congressional inquiry presented “significant risks” to its own preliminary investigation into the matter.

The department is taking an even harder line with other Congressional committees looking into the matter, and is refusing to provide information about any role it might have played in the destruction of the videotapes. The recordings covered hundreds of hours of interrogations of two operatives of Al Qaeda.

The Justice Department and the C.I.A.’s inspector general have begun a preliminary inquiry into the destruction of the tapes, and Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey said the department would not comply with Congressional requests for information now because of “our interest in avoiding any perception that our law enforcement decisions are subject to political influence.”

Richard Wolffe and Neal Katyal discuss the CIA destruction or torture tapes with on Countdown With Keith Olbermann.

The only way to expose the depth of the Bush Administration's abuses of power is an impeachment process. There are certainly more than enough grounds to proceed with such an action. However, it is clear that this will not happen.

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