Monday, December 17, 2007

Iowa's First Lady Endorses John Edwards

excerpt from:

Mari Culver Endorses Edwards

By CHARLOTTE EBY, Courier Des Moines Bureau

DES MOINES --- Iowa First Lady Mari Culver threw her endorsement behind Democrat John Edwards less than three weeks before the Iowa voters head to the caucuses on Jan. 3.

Democratic Gov. Chet Culver is staying neutral in the Iowa caucus race, but some could see the endorsement by his wife as a sign that the governor also is behind Edwards.

In a statement officially announcing her endorsement, Mari Culver said she admires Edwards speaking out for those who have no voice.

"With all the challenges facing our country, we need a leader who will fight for our families," Culver said. "I am proud to endorse John Edwards for President. John has spent his career standing up for children and families in their hour of need."

Mari Culver will join Edwards on the final day of his eight-day bus tour of the state, attending events with him in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Davenport.

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