Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Quick Thoughts on "The Florida Healing Outpouring", Todd Bentley & Miracles

These days it seems that much of the Christian evangelical community is abuzz over Todd Bentley and the evangelistic and healing meetings that occurred during four months in Lakeland, Florida. It seems that many people feel the need to either defend or condemn Mr Bentley, his personal life, and the meetings in general. I am not going to do either. I'm just going to ask you to consider the following.

If you believe that you were blessed in some way by the events in Lakeland, FL., thank God and pray for those who weren't.

If you feel that the events in Florida were harmful, misleading, doctrinally unsound, or as some have said "demonic", then pray for all of those who were involved.

If you believe in miracle healing then hold on to your faith because that makes you a good candidate to receive one. But try to take good care of your health so it doesn't come to that.

If you don't believe in miracle healing then take good care of your health because modern traditional and alternative medicine is your only recourse.

If you're a Christian and think that Todd Bentley is misguided, unqualified, a charlatan, etc., etc., then pray for his soul. If you're not a Christian then just ignore the whole thing.

The bottom line is this. Miracles, big and small, happen every day.
The real question is, How will you perceive the moment?

When a firefighter found little Kyson Stowell laying in the midst of the rubble of a tornado devastated Tennessee community some called that a miracle. Others chalked his survival up to fate or "dumb luck"

When a little Chinese boy named Li Ke was found in the midst of the ruins of his school which had been devastated by an earthquake most of his rescuers called that a miracle. Again, others chalked it up to dumb luck.

When ordinary cats and dogs with no special training save their families from fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. some people call it a miracle. Some people chalk it up to animal instinct and dumb luck.

There are a million stories like these that happen every day. How you choose to view them is up to you?

Amazing things happen to people who we may judge to be "good" as well as those we judge as "bad". In addition, amazing acts are performed by people who we judge as "good" and some we judge as "bad".

But ask yourself, Who Are We Supposed To Be Judging?

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