Monday, August 11, 2008

Ok, John Edwards Had An Affair

Gee, a woman can't take a week or two to attend to domestic affairs ( no pun intended) without one of her heroes crashing and burning!

Now it is quite obvious to even the wall that a few years ago John Edwards had a relationship with Reille Hunter, so you don't need me to rehash the story here. However, since on numerous occasions I've publicly expressed my support for John Edwards I guess I have to answer a few questions now.

First, do I condone his infidelity?

- Of course not

Second, do I have empathy for Elizabeth Edwards?

- You better believe it.

Third, do I think that this is the end of John Edwards' political career?

- Well, if you gauge this indiscretion against those of 90% of the politicians in Louisiana or Washington, DC
then John's future looks great. LOL But seriously, only time will tell.

However, I hope that politics is the last thing on John's mind right now. He needs a long hiatus and a lot of quality time with his family.

Fourth, Do I view John Edwards, in his capacity as a political figure, any differently than I did six months ago?

- NO.


- Because I never thought that John was a "perfect" man. I just thought that he had many of the qualities that I like in a political leader. I still think that he is a brilliant attorney with a real passion for helping the most vulnerable members of our society.

I long ago abandoned the notion that political figures are "better" persons than the rest of us. Sadly politicians ( and religious leaders) are just human beings who, like the rest of us, sometimes do really STUPID things but unlike the rest of us, have a gift for doing a job most of us don't want or aren't qualifed to do.

Surprised? You shouldn't be. If my view of leaders hung on an illusion of perfection then I probably wouldn't respect anyone other than Jesus Christ. I certainly would have to scratch FDR, JFK, RFK, MLK and just about everyone I know personally off of my list.

Am I disappointed in John Edwards? SURE. I'm disappointed in a lot of politicians these days but that's a topic for my next post.



    You know that I respect your opinions and enjoy your writing tremendously. So why, pray tell, why would you cross me so in your otherwise brilliantly stated opinions on the Edwards affair*?

    I respect (and will defend to the death) your right to your opinion. But in expressing it, please, Pamela, PLEASE...

    LEAVE US POOR PEOPLE IN LOUISIANA ALONE!!! Haven't we suffered enough at the hands of mom nature and our unique brand of politicians???

    Et tu Brute????

    *pun intended!

  2. LOL Pardonnez-moi le cher ami Robert :-)

    I just couldn't resist.


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