Saturday, January 13, 2007

If You Can't Take The Heat

The White House and the neocons are desperate.  Senator Boxer's comments to Condoleeza Rice were right to the heart of the matter.
I, myself , am single and childless and I've repeatedly stated that none of the architects of the war in Iraq has a personal investment in the loss of mlitary life. Whether they have no children or only girls, not one of them has a child, spouse, sibling or parent serving active duty in the military.
I guess if I said to Ms Rice that if she can't take the heat she should get out of the kitchen, she would interpret that as a sexist comment.
Exchange Turns Into Political Flashpoint - New York Times

WASHINGTON, Jan 12 --- A passing exchange during a Senate hearing on Thursday turned into a political flashpoint overnight as Senator Barbara Boxer, the California Democrat, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice accused one another of insensitivity in comments about motherhood and the war in Iraq.

In an interview this afternoon with The New York Times, Ms. Rice suggested that the California Democrat had set back feminism by suggesting during the hearing that the childless Ms. Rice had paid no price in the Iraq war.  "I thought it was okay to be single," "I thought it was okay to not have children, and I thought you could still make good decisions on behalf of the country if you were single and didn't have children."

In a separate interview, Senator Boxer said her comments had been misunderstood and were now being turned against her by the White House and other Republicans.

"What I was trying to do in this exchange was to find common ground with Condi Rice," Ms.Boxer said, adding that "my whole point was to focus on the military families who pay the price."
"They're getting this off on a non-existent thing that I didn't say,"   "I'm saying, she's like me, we do not have families who are in the military.

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