Friday, January 5, 2007

I'm Taking the Leap of Faith Again

As long time readers of this and my former blog ( Pam's Coffee Conversation ) recall, I was a supporter of former Senator John Edwards in his bid to win the 2004 Democratic Presidential nomination. Well, I'm taking the leap again and supporting him in his bid for the 2008 nomination. Over the next year, I'm sure to cite the many reasons why I support his candidacy. For now I'll just say that the primary reason I support John Edwards is his courage to speak out on issues when they aren't in vogue. No one has to be reminded now that John Edwards spoke out on the reality of "two Americas" before Hurricane Katrina.

As Jim Wallis stated in his August 2005 NY Times editorial, "The Democrats assume the poverty issue belongs to them, but with the exception of John Edwards in his 2004 campaign, they haven't mustered the gumption to oppose a government that habitually favors the wealthy over everyone else."

John Edwards has launched a brand-new blog community, where members can write diaries and blog entries, comments, and even vote on what blog entries should appear on the front page.

It's a big step forward in online political action, and it would be even better if you joined us.

Check it out at

See you there!

Pamela Lyn

P.S. While I'm at it I'll go on record as stating that my dream ticket is Edwards/Obama.

.. and while I'm dreaming

  • the creation of a Department of Peace
  • Hillary Clinton as head of the Department of Health & Human Services
  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr, as head of the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Colin Powell as Secretary of Defense.
  • Lou Dobbs as head of the Department of Commerce
  • bring back Robert Reich as Secretary of Labor
  • and, a cabinet appointment for Bill Moyers

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