Thursday, January 11, 2007

Blog Url Hijacked By Spammer

As I mentioned in a previous post, one of the blogs that I've published on Blogger disappeared during their recent migration to the new version of Blogger. For weeks, if you went to the URL you received a message that the blog could not be found. Well lo and behold out of curiosity, I tried the url again tonight and discovered that it has been hijacked by a spammer.

In 2001, I started the blog "Pam's Coffee Conversation" with the url On Friday evening December 8, 2006, I selected the option to migrate the blog from old blogger to the beta version. That night I received a confirmation that the blog migrated successfully. I was able to view it in the Blogger beta dashboard and could view the blog url without a problem.

However, when I tried to view the blog on Saturday morning December 9th, I was shocked to receive a message that the url was not found. I went back to the old Blogger dashboard and tried migrating the site again but I couldn't. I then tried to publish the blog under a new url to my website server. I still couldn't publish the blog. I've tried contacting Blogger support but still have not received a response. Blogger support did have a message on their site stating that many of the larger blogs would be migrated at a later date. So I decided to be patient and reasonable. After all it was the holidays.

For the next for weeks I would intermittently test the URL and each time get the message URL not found. Then tonight, just for kicks I tried testing it again and discovered that the url has been hijacked by a spammer and is redirecting to a sleazy site

I've looked all over the Blogger and Google sites for someone to contact about this and can not find one link for someone to call. I would like to either recover this URL or have it deleted entirely since it involves my name and I've listed the URL on a number of feed services.

As you can imagine this is pretty frustrating, especially since the url involves my name.

So if you were a reader of Pam's Coffee Conversation, please know that I have no connection at all with this christmas gifts site.


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