Monday, July 17, 2006

Stray dogs a new draw among Delhiites

May this become a world-wide trend.  Maybe if man can begin to take responsibility and care for animals it will finally begin to do this same for other human beings.  plk
Stray dogs a new draw among Delhiites :
Prashant K. Nanda (Indo-Asian News Service)

New Delhi,
 July 10, 2006

More and more animal lovers are now preferring to adopt as pets stray dogs rather than expensive pedigree ones, giving these homeless creatures a new lease of life.

"More than any European breeds, I love stray dogs and it's more sensible to adopt them.

They get a place to live, besides love and care, and you get a faithful pet," said Shankar Ghose, president of a social organisation, Charkha.

Inspired by Ghose, a number of his friends and relatives have also started adopting these dogs, whose numbers in the capital and in other cities are probably legion.

We never take care of the animals and when they turn violent, people make an issue out of it," said Ghose, adding "these dogs are extremely well-behaved".

Said Alex Oropeza, who recently adopted a puppy: "I think stray dogs need more care and attention.

R.T. Sharma, president of the Pet Animals Welfare Society, said people are now approaching animal welfare organisations to help them in adopting stray dogs.

Besides Delhi, the trend is prevalent in adjoining satellite towns of Gurgaon and Noida as well," Sharma said, adding they ask people to fill an adoption form before taking a puppy home.

Ajay Gulliani, a veterinary doctor, said stray dogs are more immune to diseases but they do not need extraordinary care like Europeans breeds.

"They just need to be vaccinated once and they are quite comfortable with the climate here.

In comparison to the foreign breeds, these dogs have lesser chances of being infected with disease.

In short, the maintenance is quite low," said Gulliani adding that some foreigners in India too are adopting them as pets.

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