Tuesday, July 11, 2006

India tightens security after deadly train blasts

Please extend your thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families.  plk  
India tightens security after deadly train blasts on Yahoo! News
By Krittivas Mukherjee

Police stepped up security across India on Wednesday after bombs killed more than 160 people and wounded hundreds in packed commuter trains and stations in the financial hub, Mumbai.

"I urge people to remain calm, not to believe rumors, and carry on their activity normally," Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said, calling the seven explosions that took place during the evening rush hour on Tuesday a "shameful act."

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attacks but suspicion was likely to center on Muslim militants fighting New Delhi's rule in disputed Kashmir, who have been blamed for several bomb attacks in India in the past.

The blasts brought worldwide expressions of outrage.

"This is another awful reminder of the determination of terrorists who use murder as an instrument to advance their political ends," said Peter MacKay, Foreign Minister of Canada, which has a huge Indian emigre population.

Police inspector Ashok Jadhav told Reuters the bomb blasts had killed 163 people and wounded around 460.

Commuters fled suburban rail stations in panic after the explosions and mobile phone lines were jammed.

All suburban train services in the city were suspended after the blasts but by late on Tuesday a limited service was running on the western line, along which the attacks took place.

The first attack took place at 6.24 p.m. (1154 GMT) with the others following in quick succession.

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