Wednesday, June 7, 2006

US Action Alert: Vote on $350 million in life-saving aid for Darfur


A Message for the One Campaign

ONE was created for days like today. Representatives in the House are working across party lines to offer two last-minute amendments to add an additional $350 million in poverty assistance for safe drinking water, food rations for the refugees in Darfur, and funding for the fight against global AIDS. Your voice can make the difference.

Ask your Representative to vote for :

  1. The Obey-Hyde-Lantos amendment for $100 million to help Darfur and fight AIDS
  2. The Leach-Blumenauer amendment for $250 million for safe drinking water

Critical shortages in funding for humanitarian assistance in Darfur have forced us to cut back food rations for refugees. The Obey-Hyde-Lantos amendment addresses this by providing $50 million in aid to International Disaster and Famine Assistance. It also provides $50 million to combat global AIDS - which could translate into 20,000 people receiving life-saving medicine. The Blumenauer-Leach amendment provides funds for safe drinking water and other vital programs to fight poverty around the world. Every 15 seconds a child dies of water-related diseases, because of a lack of access to this safe drinking water.

Mobilizing thousands of Americans at the click of a button on last-minute amendments is one of our greatest strengths. Just a few weeks ago, you sent over 200,000 letters to the Senate asking them to protect the President's request for life-saving assistance. Thanks in part to your quick response, a majority of the Senate signed on to this letter, an incredible feat, but, only the beginning. Today, we have another important opportunity to weigh-in on this fight as our Representatives in the House make these crucial funding decisions.

Ask your representative to vote for $350 million in life-saving aid.

Thank you,

Paul Dioguardi, ONE Campaign

You can contact your local official by going to

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