Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Help lower the cost of your prescription drugs

I just took action to urge Congress to lower the cost of prescription drugs, and I hope you will too. Did you know that your $50 prescription may only cost $15 if you bought that drug in Canada? It's true! Pharmaceutical companies charge Americans 40-70% more than Canadians.
These are the exact same prescription drugs you and I are buying, but we are paying more, twice as much in some cases.  Congress is currently debating whether or not to allow Americans to buy affordable drugs from other countries. The Senate and the House are considering bills that will lower the costs of prescription drugs by allowing individuals and pharmacists to bring legal, safe and cheaper prescription drugs from other countries to the U.S. 
To send an email just like I did, please go to Consumers Union's take-action page at http://cu.convio.net/reimportation

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