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An Update from the Peace Alliance -- NY Media Alert WBAI



Today one of our Communications Co-Directors, Matt Harris, was
interviewed by Pacifica radio station WBAI in New York. WBAI contacted
Matt after receiving our most recent press release, included below.
That press release discussed the success of our Mother's Day "Peace of
the Pie" campaign, which resulted in nine new Congressional
endorsements for the Department of Peace.

Please tune in to WBAI today and if you hear the interview, call the
station with supportive comments. You can listen to noncommercial WBAI
at 99.5 FM throughout the New York metropolitan area, or online at:

WBAI's on-air studio line is 212.209.2900.

You can send comments via email to them at:


Department of Peace picks up nine new Congressional endorsements
following successful Mother's Day campaign

Following the Peace Alliance's Mother's Day "Peace of the Pie"
campaign in which supporters delivered "peace pies" to more than 165
congressional offices nationwide, nine additional members of Congress
have signed on to this historic legislation that would create a U.S.
Department of Peace and Nonviolence.

"Our recent Mother's Day campaign, conducted in the spirit of peace
and inspired by Julia Ward Howe's poem calling for an end to all war
and the beginning of a culture of peace, clearly moved the hearts and
minds of many in Congress, and persuaded them that their constituents
believe peace deserves a 'piece of the pie'," said Peace Alliance
Executive Director Dot Maver. "We welcome these new Congressional
endorsers to the growing movement of people in this country and around
the world who believe that a culture of peace is not only possible but
necessary, and we thank them for their support."

A total of 73 congressional representatives now endorse the Department
of Peace legislation in the U.S. House (HR 3760); two senators endorse
the companion legislation in the U.S. Senate (S1756).

A Department of Peace would research and analyze foreign policy and
recommend to the President ways to address the root causes of war. A
Peace Academy, on par with the Military Service Academies, would train
civilian peacekeepers and the military in the latest nonviolent
conflict resolution techniques and approaches. The Department would
also provide expert advice to the President when diffusing or dealing
with international crises.

Domestically, the Department would be responsible for developing new
policies that address issues such as child abuse, domestic violence,
gang violence, and cultural and racial violence. Statistics reveal
that each year, medical expenses from domestic violence alone total at
least $3 to $5 billion. Businesses forfeit another $100 million in
lost wages, sick leave, absenteeism and non-productivity due to
domestic violence. Providing the tools necessary to teach violence
prevention to America's school children is just one of the many ways a
U.S. Department of Peace would reduce violence in our homes and

The list of new endorsers includes: Rep Andrews, Robert E. (D-NJ-1) –
202.225.6501 Rep Cleaver II, Emmanuel (D-MI-5) – 202.225.4535 Rep
Clyburn, James E. (D-SC-6) – 202.225.3315 Rep Green, Al (D-TX-9) –
202.225.7508 Rep Hastings, Alcee L. (D-FL-23) – 202.225.1313 Rep
Larson, John B. (D-CT-1) – 202.225.2265 Rep Millender-McDonald,
Juanita (D-CA-37) – 202.225.7924 Rep Moran, James P. (D-VA-8) –
202.225.4376 Rep Rothman, Steve (D-NJ-9) – 202.225.5061

For a complete list of congressional and senate endorsements, please
go to:

For more information on the Department of Peace and Nonviolence
legislation and our campaign, please visit The Peace Alliance website
at: <> .

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