Wednesday, November 14, 2007

You Can Build It But They Still Won't Come

Gee, the Bush Administration is building a $600 million embassy in Iraq and the diplomats still don't want to go.

Aren't swimming pools and tennis courts enough?

Just what do these diplomats expect, safety? Haven't they heard that "the surge" is working?

Come on ladies and gentlemen in the State Department, support the troops.


excerpt from:
Diplomats Won't Be Forced to Go to Iraq, for now

The State Department says it hopes to fill foreign service posts with volunteers rather than compelling employees to accept them.
By Paul Richter, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
November 14, 2007

WASHINGTON -- Top State Department officials, struggling to avoid an embarrassing showdown with their own foreign service, backed away Tuesday from threats to fire diplomats who refuse to accept postings in Iraq.

Trying to calm a furor that has spilled into public view, senior officials extended a deadline and said they won't issue any forced assignments until at least the end of the week. They said that before then they hope to find volunteers for most or all of the 23 unfilled jobs.

Let's hear from Condi on this:

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