Friday, November 2, 2007

A Message from Amnesty International



Central African Republic...

The violence hasn't stopped at the borders of Darfur, and our peacekeeping strategy shouldn't either. Tell the UN Security Council to quickly deploy UN personnel in coordination with European Union (EU) peacekeepers in eastern Chad and northeastern Central African Republic (CAR).

Activists have been overwhelmingly responsive to the rallying cry of 'save Darfur' since the conflict there arose. However, Darfur is not the only battleground in this conflict. Many families who used to call Darfur home, have fled into neighboring Chad and CAR in a desperate attempt to find refuge. Tragically, they have met the same violence there that they tried to escape in Darfur. Thousands upon thousands of Dafuri, Central African and Chadian displaced persons struggle to survive in the midst of continual armed conflict.

The UN Security Council recently approved plans for the deployment of the UN mission in Chad and CAR, to work closely with a recently approved EU peacekeeping force. This mission is expected to have the authority to take all necessary measures to protect civilians. However, planning to protect civilians in Chad and CAR is not the same as protecting civilians in Chad and CAR. Send an email to the UN Security Council urging swift deployment of the UN multidimensional force.

Families have crossed borders in search of better lives for their sons than to become child soldiers and higher hopes for their daughters than the daily risk of rape. DonĂ¢€™t let them think that their last chance at a better life is destroyed at the borders that they were forced to cross.

If we act now, we can help ensure that they have the security and assistance they seek .

Meredith Larson
Campaign Manager
Amnesty International USA
Campaign to Save Darfur

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