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RE: Dispelling The Last Argument For The War In Iraq

Hi Pam,

Food for thought indeed though not necessarily what some would expect. Its
one thing to pick apart the flimsy reasons that this administration put
forth to start this war. To me this is like focusing on the tail end of an
enormous dragon with lots of sharp teeth on the other.

In my view this war was almost entirely about oil. Without it, the US would
never have bothered to invade. This administration was the best informed in
history about the real situation of world oil supplies and the importance of
the remaining oil under Iraq. They knew full well what they were doing and
lied through their teeth to a gullible populace unwilling to accept their
addiction to cheap oil.

This is roughly the same dynamic as the war on drugs with about the same
effect. Drugs keep ruining lives and being smuggled from the rest of the
world. The US has lots of consumers that keep buying them and thus someone
somewhere creates a market and provides them.

I thank the Bush administration for putting a real face on our addiction to
cheap oil. It is not a pretty one and far worse things could have happened
if you consider what saddam did to stay in power and those that would
replace him. I think this article has dispelled only the last false
argument for war. In a way it reinforces my belief that Rove was right when
he invented these lame reasons. The public is still only tepidly ready for
the real truth. We as a nation will kill innocent people to get our oil.

If you want real nightmares, imagine if a nuclear Iran took over Iraq?
Maybe they would push on and take over Kuwait? These are not ill informed
or ignorant people. They see half the remaining supply of oil in their
reach and little to stop them. What would the US risk then? My guess is a
nuclear conflict.

Sincerely, Thor from Oregon

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Yes, this is true... as we have just seen with the people trying to kill troops up at Ft. Dix.

It is not politically correct to say that we have to be very alert where muslims are concerned, but that is exactly what we have to do. By their religion they are not happy people and they spend way too much time figuring out how to get dead and go to paradise.

It's not popular to say that we are in a culture war either, but that is also the truth. Our entire western way of life is under attack by the people that want to take civilization back about a thousand years.

Sometimes you can't be "nice" and bring the other guy around to your way of thinking. Sometimes you have to fight to survive. Right now we have to fight to survive.

John P from Florida

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Hi, Pamela,

I watched the YouTube film and it is really awesome that these retired military commanders have gone public with their criticism. It just upsets me so to hear them say that the PRES has "broken" the marines, the army, has "broken" the country.

It is too awful to believe, just horrifying, but I do believe it. I remember that there were articles about them just a year ago, as they remind us in the film. And somehow that didn't convince enough people !

Jill G from Paris, France

RE: Paid Military Training For Domestic Terrorists

Hi Pam,

Traditionally all volunteer armies eventually become mercenary armies. Are
we ready to start hiring effective troops? I hear the grand majority of
Hamas and Fatah fighters would dive at the chance for a steady income and
are willing to fight for anyone - even Israel. If you can't beat them - employ

Cheers, Thor

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Having spent some time in the military and having had a continuing relationship with the military for many years after I left active duty, I find this material not only hard to believe, but just about ridiculous.

With the exception of the Army (and the only reason I exempt them is that I really don't know that much about their policies) I can tell you that gang membership is an automatic disqualifer for the Air Force, Navy, & Marines. You show up for your physical with gang tatoos and you go home. You participate in anything like gang activities while on active duty and you get a BCD (bad conduct discharge). The military is very funny about certain things and any kind (that is ANY KIND) of illegal activity and you are "adios".

Gangs by their nature exist to do illegal business. If you have that kind of relationship when you show up at a recruiting office you are automatically disqualified for any branch of the service.

Many times our media have nothing better to do that to try and find fault with the people who are serving in the military. In my view, that is just one more item to add to the list of issues that currently discredit the main stream media from credibility.

We have issues of major national and international importance - energy, illegal aliens, national debt, medicare going bankrupt, education issues, enviormental issues, and many other issues that cry out for attention, but it would seem that the only thing we hear from these "news" sources are the doom and gloom issues that some "wanna be" reporter digs up and some intellectually deficient editor publishes it or puts it on the air.

I don't want to sound bitter, but I am sick and tired of people finding fault with almost everything and looking for the bad instead of the good.

You know, people make mistakes and it is entirely possible that some kid got involved with a gang, found out it was a bad idea, got out and is trying to put his or her life back together and become a sound citizen. As long as there were no criminal activites or convictions, that kid could possibly get into the Army... it used to be that the Army would take almost everybody as long as they were breathing, but with the all volunteer military they raised their standards and the bad guys can't get in any more.

Believe me when I tell you that the military does NOT need any more problems in the ranks. If you don't want to be there, there are plenty of ways to get out and gang activities would be near the top of the list - the other people in a unit just flat would not put up with that kind of nonsense.
You take care.

John P

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And finally,

Re: A Good Man Doesn't Just Speak The Truth When It Profits Him

Does the term "playing politics" ring a bell? The people that run the various government agencies are (fill in the blank space)

A. Experienced with the agency they are to run.
B. Have lifetime experience running a business or agency like the one they are to run.
C. Highly qualified managers in running large corporations or non-profit organizations.
D. None of the above
E. Political hacks that have paid their dues and are being repaid with a cushy job that pays big bucks and gets them a shot at a book deal later with big bucks speaking engagements.

If you answered either D or E you are absolutely right. Pick a political party (either one), scratch the surface, and you will find (ta da!!) the exact same political hacks.

When was the last time you heard anyone in Washington speak of "honesty, integrity, principles, honor, duty, and my Country right or wrong"?

You can't say "support the troops" and then cut the ground out from under then psychologically. Disagreement on wars is a behind closed doors issue - not in the newspapers and on TV. That is called "giving aid and comfort to the enemy".

Do we need to be out of Iraq? Hell yes, but not with our tail between our legs with half the world laughing at us for being the fools that we clearly are becoming.

We have NO credibility internationally and that is dangerous. Other countries see that as an opportunity to take risks and those kind of risks lead to wars of far greater consequence than the conflict in Iraq.

You see, nothing is as it appears and nothing in international politics is simple.

John P

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