Thursday, May 24, 2007

Awaken Sleeping Giant

Now that the Democrat's faustian deal to regain Congress is seen for what it is there is only one question left?

What are the American people going to do about it?

Nancy Pelosi stated that "impeachment is off the table" and we're just supposed to sit by and accept that? I don't think so. The American people have had it.

Do those spin doctors in Washington think that adding a minimum wage increase to the Iraq war funding bill will appease the masses?

It's time that Congress starts thinking about supporting not just the troops but all the American people (which includes the troops) and the American constitution. Before another dollar is allocated for this war, there needs to be a full investigation into 9 billion plus dollars of missing Iraq reconstruction funds, the 20 billion plus dollars of missing Iraq oil revenue and the clear instances of war profiteering by Haliburton et al.

It took long enough but the sleeping giant known as the citizens of the United States of America are finally awake and mad as hell.


Keith Olbermann on the Democrat Sellout

The Simpsons on Fox News

In the video clip below of the Simpsons, Lisa states the there doesn't seem to be a place for truth and bravery in today's media? While there are still a few examples of courage in media like Keith Olbermann, Bill Moyers and Anderson Cooper there are far, far fewer in politics. plk

Finally a message to Russ Feingold, Dennis Kucinich, John Edwards and Ron Paul ...

We're Listening!

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