Thursday, May 10, 2007

Help stop the Bush/Cheney Dirty Drilling Plan

I just took action to protect fragile coastal waters in Alaska, Florida, and Virginia and the polar bears, sea otters, whales and other wildlife that live there. Will you help, too?

You can take action online at:

On April 30th, the Department of Interior announced plans to allow harmful drilling in tens-of-millions of acres of environmentally sensitive waters off the coasts of Virginia, Florida, and Alaska, including an area closed to drilling after the disastrous Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in 1989.

These areas are teeming with wildlife, including imperiled whales, sea otters and polar bears. New drilling could wreck these sensitive coastal ecosystems and the wildlife and tourist economies that depend on them.

Help me stop this awful plan.

Take action online at:

Drilling rigs spew air pollution and toxic mercury emissions that can poison marine wildlife. The very loud airgun explosions from drilling exploration can cause whales to strand themselves on beaches and die. Increased offshore drilling raises the specter of another cataclysmic oil spill that could wreck the beautiful Virginia and Florida beaches where millions of Americans live or vacation.

At a time when we should be pursuing clean, renewable energy sources, the Bush/Cheney Administration has once again sought answers in a dirty drilling plan that will harm wildlife and speed up global warming.

Help me stand up for a smarter policy.

Take action online now at:


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