Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Preserve the Serenity of Yellowstone National Park

Dear Friends,

Imagine the silent, snowy landscape of Yellowstone National Park in the winter. Now imagine this scene shattered by earsplitting engines and clouds of exhaust.

Four years ago, the number of snowmobiles in Yellowstone each day declined from 750 to 250. The result? Cleaner air, safer habitat for wildlife, and a more peaceful experience for visitors.

Now, the Bush Administration wants to reverse this progress. A proposed Winter Use Plan would allow up to 720 snowmobiles per day in Yellowstone, returning us to pollution problems in the park. Fortunately, the National Park Service must accept public comments on the plan before it makes a final decision.

Click below to send a message telling the NPS not to let snowmobiles destroy Yellowstone

Hurry, we only have until Tuesday, June 5th to weigh in before the public comment period closes!

Increasing snowmobiles in the park flies in the face of the National Park Service's (NPS) own science: four separate NPS studies have proved conclusively that Yellowstone's air quality, wildlife, and visitor experience are best protected by reducing snowmobile use. Failing to protect these resources and values flies in the face of the National Park Service mission!

If the Park Service gives in to pressure from the snowmobile industry and decides to allow 720 snowmobiles in Yellowstone, it will mean:

* Dirtier air. Emissions in the park will increase.
* Less peace and quiet. Noise from snowmobile engines - already a problem with just 250 snowmobiles a day - will grow significantly worse.
* A precarious balance threatened. Wildlife will be more disrupted with more vehicles.

Besides, there's an easy alternative to snowmobiles. Snowcoaches, which have been used for decades and have become more popular in the last four years, offer an environmentally-friendly way for visitors to access the park for snowshoeing, skiing, and other winter adventures.

Click below to join me in sending your message opposing the plan before June 5th:

With enough pressure from the American people, the Bush Administration could be forced to reconsider its plans. The Park simply does not need any more dirty, destructive snowmobiles - let's keep Yellowstone winters serene and beautiful, the way they should be.

Thank you for sending your comment in before the June 5th deadline!

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