Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What A Game .... What A Life Lesson!!!!

Sometimes a lot can be learned from a loss.  
Bears rally to edge Cards, stay unbeaten
By BOB BAUM, AP Sports Writer Tue Oct 17, 3:01 AM ET

Six turnovers, 3 points on offense, and somehow the Chicago Bears are still unbeaten. Somehow, some way, the Bears rallied from 20 points down at halftime and escaped with a 24-23 victory in Arizona on Monday night, leaving the shellshocked Cardinals to ponder yet another excruciating late-game collapse.  "Sometimes, when you're a team of destiny, things like that happen," Chicago coach Lovie Smith said.
The Bears are off to their best start in 20 years at 6-0.  For that, they can thank their defense, punt returner Devin Hester and Arizona kicker Neil Rackers. Rex Grossman gets no credit for this one. "I've never played so bad and won a game like that," said the Bears quarterback, who threw four interceptions and lost two fumbles.

Matt Leinart, who threw two first-quarter touchdowns and finished 24-for-42 for 232 yards, coolly directed Arizona downfield at the finish for a chance to claim a victory that appeared to be the Cardinals' all night.  But Rackers, a Pro Bowl kicker last season who connected from 41, 28 and 29 yards earlier in the evening, missed a 41-yarder to the left with 53 seconds left for what would have been the game winner for Arizona (1-5).

"I was ready to hit it," he said. "Unfortunately I hit the ground first, then I felt extremely sick to my stomach for my teammates and coaches and everybody else who deserved to win this game."  Just last week, he missed a 51-yard attempt at the finish that would have sent the game against Kansas City into overtime.

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Have you ever had a day when you did virtually everything right and your plans still failed? Or a day when you seemed to do everything wrong and still succeeded?

Often our plans fail despite our very best efforts. On other days we will be showered with blessings that we may feel that we have not earned.

In this respect sport imitates life.

Football is a 60 minute game played in four 15 minute quarters. When failures occur there are always positive lessons to take away from the negative experience. Yet, nobody in the Arizona Cardinals locker room wants to hear that right now. For the next day or two it will probably be very hard for the Arizona Cardinals to remember that they played great for most of the game and that they almost won a game that at the onset virtually everyone gave them a snowball's chance in Hell to win. But that will be the lesson for Arizona Cardinal QB Matt Leinert and his teammates. For football fans like myself, we have the memory of one very exciting game that for awhile made many of us Cardinals fans.

The average human life lasts 80 or so years and is lived in seasons. When personal or professional failures occur there are always positive lessons to take away from the experience. This is why we should never beat ourselves up too severely when our plans fail and why we should not get too high when we succeed.

Success and failure are the mountains and valleys of life and the hardest life lesson to learn is to accept both momentary outcomes with grace.

Enjoy the game!

Pamela Lyn


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