Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Petition for an Investigation Into Family Court Misconduct

Hello Friends,
A few days ago  I read and signed the petition: "The kidnapping of Geneva Johnson".     This is a very troubling and deeply moving story. 
Children are the most vulnerable members of society and deserve protection.  This petition contends that horrible abuses and possible criminal misconduct occurred in this New York family court case.   While I am sure that there is so much more to this case I strongly feel that this situation should be investigated.  Even if the family court has justification for removing the child from the home, the manner in which this story reports that the child was dragged from the home is reminiscent of the secret police of Pinochet or Saddam Hussein. 
Please take a moment to read about this issue, and consider signing the petition.
It takes just 30 seconds, but may truly make a difference. Please sign here:
In all honesty,  I'm not sure if Mayor Bloomberg will pay much attention to a petition of 1,000 signatures, many of whom are from non-New York residents ( aka non New York voters. )  
It seems that one of the things that is needed in this situation is good legal representation.  So if any of you know of a lawyer that might be able to take on this case one a pro bono basis
please contact Sheldon Johnson.    Also, if any of you are (or know)  investigative reporters this might be a story worth digging in to.   Apparently the mainstream media is showing no interest.
Pamela Lyn

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